2-3 inches tall is the healthiest for your lawn while also being the most beautiful!

Some lawns require a weekly mow, while others need us every two weeks. Biweekly is the general consensus.

The best time to water a lawn is in the early morning right before sunrise. Each type of grass has different needs, but generally, 5-10 minutes works great.

Have your lawn regularly mowed so it never overgrows. Cutting an oversize lawn is not something that should be done regularly.

It is best never to have debris on your lawn, as it will block the sun and the sprinklers from providing nutrients your lawn needs to remain healthy.

This step will help keep your lawn luscious and healthy! This should generally be done every couple of months or whenever visibly needed.

Nope! It is your choice to come out and talk to us, but you are under no obligation to be there as long as the backyard is accessible.

If for whatever reason we cannot make the scheduled service, you will be notified by text or call, and we will reschedule for the very next slot available.

We determine our quote based on time needed, work that need to be done, and materials we will be providing

When there is no grass seed or fertilizer put down, you can walk on your lawn right after mowing!

Our regular maintenance plan includes mowing, edging, plant pruning and health, weed killer and prevention, plant food, and blowing off all paved surfaces.

Yes, but generally you shouldn’t water within an hour or two of the service being provided.

As long as we are notified, we can change up the scheduling we desired.

If there are any damages done to your personal property that can be clearly linked to the workers of Vintage Lawn Service, the property will be replaced or fixed, or whatever is needed for the specified item. Vintage Lawn Service is insured as required by California law.

We will be sure to notify you of any schedule changes during weather that won’t permit lawn care. Generally, we will move your service day back or forward a day depending on the weather of those days.

At the end of each month, each client will be emailed a bill for the services provided that month. This email is very simple to use and will provide ease to the lawn care experience!